Update on Thursday Senate Votes

Update on Thursday Senate Votes

So, how did the Senate end up voting on the bills I was keeping an eye on yesterday?

S562 Increases penalties for those found guilty of violating Wage & Hour laws. PASSED 29-10 (Mostly split along party lines, although GOP Senator Anthony M. Bucco, a member of Senate Labor Committee voted Yes along with his Democrat colleagues). Referred to the Assembly Labor Committee.

S864 calls for a ban on single-use plastic bags, single-use paper bags, polystyrene foam containers, and limiting single-use plastic straws. PASSED 22-14 with 4 Democrats Not Voting (Cruz-Perez, Addiego, Brown, and Bateman). The bill now heads to the Assembly Environment & Solid Waste Committee for further discussion.

S766 aka “Chloe’s Pet Access Law,” would permit dogs in the outdoor dining areas of food establishments, provided that certain conditions are met. AMENDED with a vote of 29-0 (the 11 GOP members did not vote). The amendment wasn’t immediately available online–I’ll be posting an update once I’ve had a chance to review it.

S1235 exempts disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients from having to pay municipal parking meter fees when the vehicle they’re traveling in (as the driver or the passenger) bears a veteran’s or recipient’s special license plate or a placard issued by the MVC. Despite the lack of information as to the fiscal impact of this bill, it PASSED unanimiously, 40-0, and was referred to the Assembly Military & Veteran’s Affairs Committee.

SJR41 Designates June 2 of each year as “Gun Violence Awareness Day.”  The Joint Resolution PASSED 31-0 with 9 Senators Not Voting. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Homeland Security & State Preparedness Committee.

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