State Dog of New Jersey
The late Senator Tony A. Bucco, with a seeing eye puppy-in-training at The Seeing Eye in Morristown. Senator Bucco was honored for his sponsorship of Dusty's Law, which enacted protections for seeing eye dogs in NJ.

State Dog of New Jersey

Happy to see S2849, which designates the Seeing Eye® dog as the State Dog of New Jersey, pass the Senate unanimously today. Senator Tony A. Bucco was a strong advocate for seeing eye dogs, and it’s good to see his son, Senator Tony M. Bucco, carrying on that legacy.

Representatives from The Seeing Eye, attending the 2012 Senate Voting Session in Trenton when Dusty’s Law was passed.
Each year, The Seeing Eye hosts an online auction fundraiser. One of the items that always generates a fierce bidding war is this custom Seeing Eye dog stuffed animal, fitted with a handmade leather harness crafted by artist Hava Hegenbarth. Other breeds are also offered during the auction, which usually takes place in April.

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